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A serious Humanitarian Intervention technique explores methods of reconceptualizing protection when it comes to Ken Booth’s idea of worldwide defense. This process, focusing on human improvement extra greatly can enhance upon the theoretical and sensible barriers of solidarist theories almost about humanitarian intervention.

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However, what is important to consider on separate terms is the concept of emancipation itself. Defining emancipation Emancipation as a political term dates back to the Enlightenment, but the idea of a ‘critique’, as associated with Critical Theory, goes back further and so therefore does the notion, if not the word, of ‘emancipation’. The word ‘critique’ was used by humanists and reformers during the Reformation period and has been described as ‘the art of informed judgement appropriate to the study of ancient texts’ (Connerton, 1976: 15).

This means that both virtues convey the notion of truth as something which is indispensable (Booth, 2007: 233; emphasis added). Theory of World Security and Humanitarian Intervention 43 For example, ‘Accuracy’ is associated with seeking best evidence, which in turn is dealt with in an impartial and logical manner. ‘Sincerity’ means communicating in an honest manner – saying what one really means, as opposed to being dishonest. These virtues, as interpreted by Booth, are not relative; yet crucially, and deriving from his non-dogmatic conception of truth, ‘different people have different understandings of truth’ (2007: 233).

The strength of Critical Theory is that, as well as what exists, it considers how such an existence occurs in the mind of the person who makes the claim. The eight propositions of the transcendental theory of Theory of World Theory of World Security and Humanitarian Intervention 23 Security, according to Booth, can be best summed up as ‘human sociality’ because this carries with it the radical possibilities immanent in the biology of being human (210). A summary of the eight propositions follows next.

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