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By Klaus-Dieter Mathes

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The significant Indian treatise on Buddha nature is the Ratnagotravibhaga, sometimes called the Uttaratantra, and it really is this center textual content that Klaus-Dieter Mathes specializes in during this publication. Mathes demonstrates how its writer, Gö Lotsawa, ties the lessons on Buddha nature in with mainstream Mahayana suggestion whereas averting the pitfalls of the zhentong strategy favorite by means of the Jonang culture. He additionally evaluates Gö Lotsawa’s place on Buddha nature opposed to the history of interpretations via masters of the Kagyü, Nyingma, and Jonang schools.

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22c). How is it that it is neither undefiled nor pure? It is because of the adventitious nature of defilements (MAV I. 22d). 103 20 A DIRECT PATH TO THE BUDDHA WITHIN In the same way as in the Ratnagotravibhiiga, mind's luminosity is compared to the natural purity of water, gold, and space, which can coexist with adventitious stains. 16: How should the differentiation of emptiness be understood? 16a). Thus is its differentiation. In what state is it defiled and in what is it pure? 16b). When it occurs together with stains it is defiled, and when its stains are abandoned it is pure.

Against the purport of the sutra, according to which each sentient being has its own buddha wisdom, Loden Sherab claims that this buddha wisdom is the one of the illustrious one himself: As the picture on a silk cloth exists in an atom, just so the wisdom of the Buddha exists in the [mind]stream of sentient beings. If you ask what [this wisdom] is, [the answer is] the dharmadhatu. If you ask how this [can] be wisdom, [the answer is:] Since the illustrious one came to know that all phenomena lack defining characteristics thanks to the insight that encompasses VARIOUS TRADITIONS OF INTERPRETING BUDDHA NATURE 29 [everything] in a single moment, this insight is inseparable from.

119 It should be noted, however, that the remaining four Maitreya works, namely the Abhisamayiilamkiira and the three Yogacara works, are taken to be commentaries on siitras with provisional meaning. " They say that it is by no means a conceptualized object. Master Chapa for his part maintains that nonaffirming negation (which means that entities are empty of a true being) is the ultimate truth, and that it is a conceptualized object corresponding to words and thoughts. ,] the entire element of sentient beings, is the [awareness of] the extent.

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