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By Klaus-Dieter Mathes

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The gathering of twenty-six texts on non-conceptual consciousness is the results of mixing the essence and tantric mahamudra teachings of Saraha, Nagarjuna and Savaripa with a selected type of Madhyamaka philosophy, known as 'non-abiding' (apratisthana), which goals at significantly transcending any conceptual review of precise fact. This objective is accomplished by means of "withdrawing one's awareness" (amanasikara) from something that contains the duality of a perceived and perceiver. the result's a "luminous self-empowerment," Maitripa's (986-1063) ultimate tantric research of amanasikara. the gathering of texts on non-conceptual cognizance performs a very important function, because it constitutes, including Naropa's teachings, the most resource of bKa' brgyud lineages. The variation and translation of this assortment is by means of one other textual content attributed to Maitripa, the *Mahamudrakanakamala, which was once translated by way of Mar pa Lo tsa ba Chos kyi blo gros (11th century) into Tibetan. The *Mahamudrakanakamala selections up at the issues of the gathering and exhibits that each one features of Maitripa's mahamudra have been certainly handed directly to early bKa' brgyud masters. in addition to an English translation and research, the current booklet encompasses a re-creation of the on hand Sanskrit at the foundation of the editio princeps by means of Haraprasad Shastri, the variation of the learning staff of Sacred Tantric Texts at Taisho college, the Nepalese manuscript NGMPP B 22/24, and the manuscript no. 151 from the Todai collage Library. The Tibetan variation of all texts relies at the Derge and Peking bsTan 'gyur and the dPal spungs version of Karmapa VII Chos grags rgya mtsho's (1454-1506) number of Indian Mahamudra Works (Phyag rgya chen po'i rgya gzhung).

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41 While the via negationis of the second dharmacakra leaves no choice but to negate what true reality is not, the third dharmacakra describes it positively. 9 (RGVV 1 0 1 6 - 1 1 2): "Homage to You, Dharma Sun, which cannot be thought of as non-existent, existent, both existent and non-existent together, and as being different from both existent and non-existent together, To You which is beyond explanation, and whose calmness must be directly realized by self-awareness. " (yo nasan na san na capi sadasan nanya� sato casato" §akyas tarkayituf!!

He despaired and thought: I will meet him in the next life. What is the use of this present existence? 77 'Bri gung bka ' brgyud chos mdzad, vol. 4i ta khyod sha nti pa 'i rigs ma yin pas 1 1 Zho dar ba 'i rigs yin pas lho dpal (text: bal) gyi ri la song cig 1 1 dpal sha ha ri dbang phyug gis rjes su bzung nas 'khrul pa 'i the tshom (text: tsom) mchod par 'gyur ro I 78 For 0-te-sha? la militaJ:t I u

Rang slad kyis tshe smad la med par smra ba dor nas rgyud zab mo 'i 'grel pa byed par 'gyur la j) " P srungs 5 1 For the details of the story, see Chattopadhyaya 198 1 : 1 35 . 5 2 Tatz 1988 :474. 5 3 For detailed description of this cycle see Mathes 20 14: 368-37 1 . 54 Tib. 'Bar ba ' i gtso bo. The name Jvalapati (' Chief Blazer') appears to be used in reference to Kr�r,tacarya as an honorific term reflecting the high degree of yogic prac­ tice he had attained in mahamudra. 55 Belonging to the Brahmin caste, he was stronger in medi­ tati on and thus instructed to meditate.

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