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By M. L. Miranda

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Four miles below present-day Durango, Colorado, they forded the Florida River and then the Animas River, and then they traveled until they reached La Plata River. The party ran into inclement weather, and Father Dominguez fell ill, so progress was delayed. When the weather cleared and the padre felt better, they continued north of the plateau of Mesa Verde. 21 The seventh day of August found the Franciscan priests on the banks of Río de la Piedra Parada, where they recorded the following observations: "Here is a large meadow which we called San Antonio.

The next day, exhausted and depressed, the main group moved excruciatingly slowly, covering only two or three miles down the bed of the river. 25 By August 19 they were completely discouraged. They had continued five miles down the river to Gypsum Canyon. To keep following along the bank of the river seemed futile. Adding to their discouragement, the scouts reported that the plateau on both sides of the canyon was not only rugged but also arid, and that any water holes along the route would most likely be dry.

While exploring Baja California, José de Gálvez came up with a plan for the joint colonization of California by missionaries and soldiers. San Diego and Monterey became the primary areas of settlement. The missionary effort was entrusted to Franciscan friar Junipero Serra, who established the mission and garrison at San Francisco in 1776, the San Jose mission in 1777, and the mission at Santa Barbara in 1782. 9 Settlements in the northern frontiers of New Spain were different from those in the central and southern areas.

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