Download e-book for iPad: A History Of Homosexuality In Europe: Berlin, London, Paris by Florence Tamagne

By Florence Tamagne

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Publication by way of Tamagne, Florence

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In those days it was still a technical term, the implications of which largely escaped me; and in any case it implied being effeminate. Effeminatized, I certainly was not. 59 In fact, such designations are a function of the culture and the social milieu. Thus Alias, in Maurice Sachs’s novel of that title, summarizes the situation: 59. C. Worsley, Flannelled Fool. 25-26. )60 The bourgeoisie traditionally kept mum on this touchy subject. Discussing sexuality in public was out of the question, much less homosexuality.

20 A Myth is Born: Those Flamboyant Days verts, sodomites and lesbians, and said that at a time when Britain’s very existence as a nation was in danger, the producer J. T. 34 The trial was an enormous scandal and Billing was never seen as the defendant. He used the hearings as a soapbox to rail against homosexuality and posed as an honest patriot defending his country against those who were being led astray by Germany. 35 The hysteria over homosexuality shows the extent to which it could be regarded as pernicious and hazardous for the nation.

But this same language, these same expressions can also be appropriated by homosexual speakers who void them of their usual meanings, deform them and transform them to the point of using them as the basis for defining their own identity. Talk about homosexuality then becomes something else altogether, a separate genre with its own rules and obligatory passages. Therefore, we will start by simply trying to delineate homosexual speech as such, the everyday speech, the designations, the labels. It may seem anachronistic to talk about homosexual speech.

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A History Of Homosexuality In Europe: Berlin, London, Paris 1919-1939 by Florence Tamagne

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