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It is a extraordinary ebook with many attention-grabbing issues. It offers a translation of the textual content entitled “Chariot of Establishment”, Treasure Trove of a brain Absorbed within the Profound that means by way of the second one Drukchen [1428-1476 C.E.] or chief of the Drukpa Kagyu institution of Tibetan Buddhism. firstly, it really is of curiosity just because it's the first significant textual content of Drukpa Kagyu teachings to were translated into English.

The textual content is a compilation of over sixty various oral teachings given via the second one Drukchen. The compiler, an attendant, tells us that the lessons incorporated have been chosen simply because they identify the last word, non-dual view of the Kagyu culture because it is gifted through the Drukpa Kagyu. The textual content starts off with a protracted educating at the view of the Kagyu as a rule, making it of curiosity to all Kagyu fans. a massive characteristic of this educating is that it sincerely exhibits the opposite vacancy process that is on the root of the Kagyu view, although does so in accordance with the earliest teachings of the Kagyu lineage during which the identify “Other vacancy” isn't really pointed out. via it, we see how different vacancy used to be taught initially within the Kagyu and we see how the Drukpa Kagyu particularly offers the opposite vacancy view of the Kagyu with no utilizing the identify “Other Emptiness”.

The textual content keeps to a moment lengthy educating within which the second one Drukchen well establishes the view of the tantras as non-dual knowledge noticeable in direct conception. In doing so, he cleanly chops the Tibetan Buddhist colleges who're notorious for insisting that the vacancy of the second one turning of the wheel of the sutra instructing is the utltimate non-dual view. this can be a attention-grabbing bankruptcy since it indicates a good judgment to setting up the view which has infrequently been obvious within the West thus far. it is going to definitely supply lecturers who've concept that the vacancy of the center approach is the final word presentation of the view whatever to imagine about.

The textual content then offers many smaller teachings at the view, consistently on the subject of the non-dual view of Kalachakra because the final approach to identify the view. hence, the e-book additionally comprises many teachings on tantra ordinarily in addition to many fascinating issues from the Kalachakra. for example, there are transparent causes of mom, father, and non-dual tantra and the way every one calls for a distinct process. One bankruptcy has a desirable presentation which indicates the which means of Kalachakra; it exhibits that the general translation of Kalachakra as “Wheel of Time” is mistaken.

A lengthy advent via the writer, giving a heritage of the lineage, a consultant to the opposite vacancy view and the way it's offered within the quite a few Kagyu colleges, and extra can be of significant aid to readers of all degrees. A moment bankruptcy by way of the writer is devoted to clarifying the which means of the 1st and biggest bankruptcy at the view.

Obviously, the ebook should be of significant curiosity to Drukpa Kagyu fans. even though, it may be of significant curiosity to a much broader viewers since it indicates how the Kagyus exhibit the last word, non-dual view and it additionally indicates how the perform of tantra is the last word method of the Buddha’s instructing. individually, i locate this a tough e-book to summarize since it has such a lot of differing threads, all of that are of interest.

The e-book includes translations of the next texts:

“Chariot of Establishment”, Treasure Trove of a brain Absorbed within the Profound that means

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It is done this way because, although the second turning of the wheel is a perfect presentation of reality from a logical approach, logical approaches are not as final as non-logical, direct perception approaches. Since the last two wheels embody the non-logical, direct perception approach, they are stated to be definitive in distinction to the first two which are provisional. Note that this is not the only way to do it. In the Kagyu school, if you were not looking at the four turnings but only the three liv A JUGGERNAUT OF THE NON-DUAL VIEW turnings, you would make the first provisional, the second provi­ sional of definitive, and the third definitive of definitive; J amgon Kongtrul lays out this approach in his Treasury which is an Encyclo­ pcedia ofKnowledge.

Gyalwang J e starts in the single, all-containing sphere of reality. He points out that all of the Buddha's teachings come out of that sphere, and that therefore all versions of the teachings have the same fundament. The various teachings that appear from all­ encompassing reality might have the same fundament but, of all of them, it is the vajra teachings that have a journey that allows re­ connection with reality directly instead of conceptually. Gyalwang J e then outlines the path of the vajra vehicle, starting with the ground, continuing with the key points of the path, and ending with the fruition of someone who has overcome all obscurations using that path.

Here he shows how, according to the Kagyu School, the view was determined by Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna wrote many texts and later tradition has grouped them together into collections that fit with the four turnings of the wheel. There are four collections, each one relating to one of the four turnings. Each collection consists of several texts and Gyalwang J e lists the names of the texts that 12 Teaching number 1 8 on page excerpts from the text. 86 explains the five stages with A JUGGERNAUT OF THE NON-DUAL VIEW epitomize each collection.

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