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By Adam Mackie

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Many historical epochs have not given the voice of the colonized ‘other’ “historic attention and appreciation” within an educational system. Therefore, Geographic Tour Assignment: The Voice of the ‘Other’ aims to teach from a perspective that pushes beyond Western-only perspectives and ideologies. Overview The unit will span over the course of six weeks and would be ideal for a twelfth grade 75-minute block period schedule. The unit may be more suitable to spread out across an entire school year, breaking up the six weeks to fit in with the overall curriculum.

There is change. Change. Remember we knew that change was here. Remember the birds. Their voices came with us. Not the same birds, no, but the song of their voices. Remember the sound of wagons. The snort of horses. The protest of the land - not to us, no, but to the ones who made us walk. Remember the moon. Remember the corn. We will taste it again. 35 Adam Mackie Remember the need to listen, to hear, to live. Remember the sun that will cross the sky, that will plow the day again. Remember all things that will work again.

Students would be assigned to develop creative narratives based in the characters of assigned readings, such as in the contemporary young adult novel Speak and the canonized text To Kill a Mockingbird. Arguably, a fan fiction unit would focus more on process writing than the production of the writing. Fan fiction might be classified as what new literacies researchers have identified 20 A New Literacies Dictionary “New Capitalist” writing or writing that assigns value to process and “the exchange of information,” an alternative to writing that solely values production (Black 16).

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