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The Dalai Lama frequently says, Kindness is society. His former translator, Jeffrey Hopkins, writes that through studying to dwell from a extra compassionate standpoint, we will create a greater existence not just for ourselves yet for everybody. In A fair middle, Hopkins makes use of Buddhist meditations (including the Dalai Lama's favorite), visualizations, and wonderful memories from his own trip to lead us in constructing an know-how of the skill for romance within us and studying to undertaking that love into the area round us. supplying a powerful message with the ability to alter our relations and increase the standard of our lives, A fair center is the best publication for an age within which our dealings with one another appear more and more impersonal--and even violent and competitive. a person looking liberate from anger and damage, or just desirous to raise the affection and worrying between us, will welcome this well timed imaginative and prescient for humanity.

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Straighten the body and spine and keep them straight. I usually start by leaning forward a little and then straighten back up. This stretches the fat of the buttocks so that, when I straighten up again, the fat stays back and supports the body, like a cushion, making it easier to sit straight. Otherwise, that fat is rolled underneath; you haven’t stretched it, and it acts as a counterforce to your staying upright. 4. Keep the shoulders level. You may need a friend to tell you whether you are succeeding.

Vajra is a Sanskrit word meaning diamond, or diamond scepter, something unbreakable; the vajra posture is solid, indestructible. Though one can meditate in any posture at all, this specific sitting posture is recommended because of the heaviness of our afflictive emotions, including our tendency toward drowsiness; it is hard for the mind to be fully present when one is lying down, for example. The cushion should be comfortable. Preferably, there meditation 33 should be two cushions: a large square cushion, as in Zen meditation, and on top of that, a smaller, either square or round cushion for the buttocks, which you may find more comfortable if it is quite hard; neither cushion should be very soft.

Seei ng only with o ur e ye s Since I first noticed my unwillingness to live in constant recognition of this basic quality of all sentient beings—not just humans but also animals—I’ve tried to think about what prevents such constant recognition. We’re all so similar, yet somehow it’s so easy to cross that line and use other people for one’s own happiness—in ways we would never want to be used ourselves. Far from making myself available for others’ happiness, everyone else—no matter how large the number— should be available, from my point of view, for my happiness.

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