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The All-Seeing Boy believed that there needs to be how to make humans satisfied. Then he met the mysterious hobo Jason Carper Esquire who taught him in regards to the blue sky of happiness . . . and our inherent, a little magical skill to convey happiness to others.

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Chandraklrti makes this point in his Supplement to (Nagarjuna s) “Treatise on the Middle”:* Therefore the Conqueror, having discoursed on giving, Spoke upon its accompaniment by ethics. When virtues are nurtured on the field of ethics, The enjoyment of effects is unceasing. Dzong-ka-6a’s Illumination ofthe Thought makes the point clearly:27 Defective ethics is a source of many faults, such as being led to a bad transmigration; therefore, immediately after discoursing on giving, the Conqueror who had overcome all ill-deeds spoke on the achievement of accompanying giving with ethics so that the benefits thereof would not be wasted.

Desisting from all non-virtues And always engaging in virtues With body, speech, and mind— These are called the three forms of practice. 40 BUDDHIST ADVICE FOR LIVING AND LIBERATION Through these practices one is freed from becoming A hell-being, hungry ghost, or animal. Reborn as a human or god one gains Extensive happiness, fortune, and dominion. Through the concentrations, immeasurables, and formlessnesses One experiences the bliss of Brahma and so forth. Thus in brief are the practices For high status and their fruits.

Little is known about Ajitamitra; his composition (rin po che’i phreng ba’i rgya cher bshad pa, ratnavalitlkd; P5659, vol. 129; Golden Reprint, vol. l, The Basic Texts (Sanskrit, Tibetan, and Chinese) (Bonn: Indica et Tibetica Verlag, 1982), xv. ” Commenting on the fourth stanza, Ajitamitra says:3 Those which are the practices1*of high status are called “happiness” because they are concordant with attaining all the excellent happinesses of the world. The fifteenth century Tibetan commentator Gyel-tsap Dar-ma-rin-chenc more succinctly says:d [High status/states] are any happinesses or neutral [feelings] included within the continuums of gods of humans.

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