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By Sir E. A. Wallis Budge

ISBN-10: 0806513233

ISBN-13: 9780806513232

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Similarly there are medical practitioners who have horoscopes of their patients made, and who use the information derived from them as a guide to the treatment which they eventually prescribe for their patients. Among one's friends and acquaintances are many men and women who have their horoscopes made annually, and who plan their work and travel and pleasure in accord­ ance with the positions of the planets and the Signs of the Zodiac at the Vernal Equinox. The publica­ tion of the astrological works by Mr.

After a countless series of aeons had passed two gods appeared , ANSHAR and KISHAR, and they performed some preliminary act of creation, and after another very long period of time had elapsed the great gods of Babylonia, among them ANU, the Sky-god, B:EL, the Earth-god , and EA, god of the watery abyss, came into being. These gods began the work of ordering Creation, and in so doing caused APSU to be greatly troubled. This god saw with dismay that chaos, of which he was the symbol and type, was doomed to disappear as a result of the operations of the gods, and he took counsel with TIAMAT and began to evolve plans to destroy the works and powers of the gods.

On the other hand many owners of scarabs have changed their opinions, and because they regarded them as sources of ill-luck and misfortune have presented them to the British Museum. Paragraphs in the daily press often contain inter­ esting reading about the objects which are chosen as mascots. The late Sir Henry Segrave always carried with him a rabbit's paw, which the negroes say is the luckiest thing in the world. The paw was with rum at Daytona when he made all his great successes as the speed king.

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