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Success grants me control, Cate. Power. Influence,” he said. His eyes, sharp with intent, didn’t match the easy, composed tone of his voice.

But she could hardly sprint off the dance floor, hair flying and her shoes clattering behind her. Forcing calmness, she extricated herself from his arms. ” She moved subtly away from his heat. ” He ignored her attempt to put space between them, reclaiming her arm and expertly leading her to the sidelines while the band launched into another number. “I didn’t purchase it for them,” he said once they reached the periphery of dancing couples. She chose her words carefully as she withdrew from his touch.

I’ve checked. ” Ethan’s voice and gaze were equally flat. ” The pained grimace tightened. ” Two weeks later, Ethan’s chauffeur drew to a halt outside the Carrington Industries headquarters in downtown Manhattan. Exiting the limousine, Ethan straightened his custom Brioni tuxedo and tipped his head back to survey the imposing building. It had been ten years since he’d been here. Ten years since he’d dared to set foot in his old employer’s domain. Though Ethan’s own life had changed dramatically, the citadel of Carrington wealth and dominion hadn’t changed at all.

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