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By Khenchen Thrangu

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During this new booklet, Khenchen Thrangu offers an exhaustive remark at the longest and such a lot complete of the 3 vintage treatises on Mahamudra composed by way of the sixteenth-century student Wangchuk Dorje, the 9th Karmapa. Khenchen Thrangu's teachings surround the full course of Mahamudra, together with the preliminaries, the most perform, removal hindrances, and achieving the results of buddhahood—with distinct guideline in tranquility and perception meditation. this is often the one to be had quantity that offers Khenchen Thrangu's distinct observation in this whole textual content.

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The mental consciousness doesn't perceive objects, but it can identify things. The sixth consciousness also has what is called in Tibetan rang rig, or in Sanskrit svasamveda, which is self-knowing, autocognition, or selfknowledge. Because of this, we know what we have thought; we know what we have seen and heard. " Because of this self-knowledge, we know what we experience and what our perceptions and thoughts are. This self-knowledge is like someone who can both see and talk, and it creates an interrelationship between the sensory consciousnesses and the mental consciousness.

Before meditating, one was not aware of one's thoughts or of how many thoughts one had. When one begins meditation, it seems as if one has more thoughts than before. If one analyzes carefully, however, one sees that it is not so. Previously one did not notice the continual arising of many thoughts, one after another. Meditation makes one aware of this, so it appears as if there are suddenly more thoughts than before. This stage of mental stability is like watching a waterfall with all the water crashing down and leaping back up, because in trying to stop the flow of thoughts, one becomes aware ofhow many thoughts there are in the mind.

When we say that the mind focuses on an object, this doesn't mean that we think about the object, analyze it, or ask, "Is this good or bad? " Instead, the object is simply something on which the mind focuses so that it doesn't forget to look at it. This object can be anything in your field of vision. 30 Settling the Unsettled Mind Focusing the mind on an object is described by Saraha as being like a Brahmin making the Brahmin thread-it has to have the right degree of tension, not too tight or too loose.

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