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By Christopher Fyfe

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Anna Maria Falconbridge’s Narrative of 2 Voyages, together with fourteen letters to a pal approximately her reviews, is the 1st released Englishwoman’s narrative of a trip to West Africa. Alexander Falconbridge’s Account of the Slave exchange describes the awful stipulations he had witnessed in West Africa. released in 1788 by means of the London Committee for the Abolition of the Slave alternate, it was once the 1st piece of released abolitionist propaganda.

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Universals in Creole Genesis, Genesis, Amsterdam, 1986, pp. pp. 71–103. It was influenced by the Portuguese-influenced speech previously current there for centuries. “Peginee “Peginee”” is a variant of Portuguese pequeno/a (small), which across the Atlantic became “pickaninny”. 28 Falconbridge perceived clearly nothing was to be effected without a palaver, and unless the King’s interest was secured his views would be frustrated, and his endeavours ineffectual; but how this was to be done, or what expedient to adopt, he was at a loss for.

FalconFalconbridge had a hut appropriated as a hospital, where they were kept separate from the other settlers, and by his attention and care, they recovered in a few weeks. I had always supposed these people had been transported as convicts, but some conversation I lately had with one of the women, has partly undeceived me: She said the women were mostly of that description of persons who walk the streets of London, and support themselves by the earnings of prostitution; that men were employed to collect and conduct them to Wapping, where they were intoxicated with liquor, then inveigled on board of ship, and married to Black men, men, whom they had never seen before; that the morning after she was married, she really did not remember a syllable of what had happened over the night, and when informed, was obliged to inquire who was her husband?

Good heaven! How the relation of this tale made me shudder – I questioned its veracity, and enquired of the other women who exactly corroborated what I had heard; nevertheless, I cannot altogether reconcile myself to believe it; for it is scarcely possible that the British Government, at this advanced and enlightened age, envied and admired as it is by the 37 This name had originally been given to the settlement burnt down by King Jemmy, a couple of miles to the west — the site on which Freetown was subsequently built.

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