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Overdue Proterozoic (Ediacaran) Weng’an (580 mya) and Early Cambrian Maotianshan (c. 530 mya) faunas of South China, illustrated the following, rfile different physique plans at phylum and subphylum point and make sure that bilaterians advanced good prior to the “Cambrian explosion”. The Weng’an faunas (from Guizhou), the oldest list of metazoans, consist generally of embryos with attainable affinities to residing sponges, cnidarians, and bilaterians, yet with grownup specimens (though microscopic) of a similar teams.

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On the one hand, More’s Utopia was written in Latin for an audience of European humanist intellectuals. On the other hand, ‘The Diggers of Warwickshire to all other Diggers’ was written directly to a local audience, exhorting oppressed rural farmers and labourers to revolt. Yet despite the different readerships envisaged by the respective authors, the texts may not be completely without points of connection. 85 It is by no means inconceivable, therefore, that the anonymous author(s) of the Warwickshire tract were at least aware of More’s arguments.

For example, the georgic poetry of John Kay of Woodsome (Chapter 5), printed here for the first time, was intended only for a family audience, although it clearly relates to contemporary printed works. Further, ‘Andrew Abington’s Commandments’ (Chapter 6), could not have been printed because it is libellous, satirically inverting the Ten Commandments in order to ridicule a local landlord. Despite remaining in manuscript form, xxxii Introduction this text was effectively ‘published’ among its only relevant audience, since it was fixed to the gate of Abington’s church and recited at local gatherings.

J. M. Cowper (Early English Text Society, London, 1872). Suggested secondary reading John N. King, English Reformation Literature: The Tudor Origins of the Protestant Tradition (Princeton, NJ, 1982), ch. 7. Andrew McRae, God Speed the Plough: The Representation of Agrarian England, 1500–1660 (Cambridge, 1996), ch. 1. John Peter, Complaint and Satire in Early English Literature (Oxford, 1956), ch. 5. 1630) A Lantern for Landlords was published as a broadsheet ballad, and was clearly directed towards a popular audience in the countryside.

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