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It was negative in so far as it deviated from the western model by the suspension of political freedom and by the corporate regulation of the economy; it was positive in so far as it did not completely eliminate economic freedom and the market. Thus Mussolini spared the Italian people Stalin's perfect totalitarianism, and he was right again when he later turned against the left wing of his own party, which wanted to see in the Duce's compromise a preliminary stage of the transition to a complete collectivism, and whose representatives, incidentally, converted to Communism in great numbers after the war.

The Prussian version of Napoleon's military annihilation strategy which could easily lose the restrictions imposed by adhering to the Clausewitz theory of military strategy, and indeed finally did lose them during the First World War. Now the following objection could be raised: the will to annihilate unbelievers and heretics was a quite natural thing during the Middle Ages and still in early modern times - one need only remember the Spanish Inquisition or the revocation of the Edict of Nantes ~ but starting with the Enlightenment, liberal progressive optimism prevailed, so that the facts mentioned could be regarded merely as corollaries and the National Socialist measures of annihilation had to be regarded simply as an inconceivable relapse into barbarism.

One could add with more justification that western society is much too complex and too abstract for a kind of 'common spirit' to be created, even through classes. But one should not overlook the fact that next to the 'Bolshevik chaos' Adolf Hitler hated no sort of society as much as the one which had already emerged in the Weimar Republic of Germany. 3. The demonisation of the Third Reich should be opposed. We must speak of demonisation when the Third Reich is denied any humaneness, which means that everything human is finite and thus can be neither completely good nor completely bad, neither completely light nor completely dark.

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