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By Dinesh Sharma

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The 1st 18 years of President Obama's lifestyles, from his delivery in 1961 to his departure for school in 1979, have been spent in Hawai'i and Indonesia. those years essentially formed the characteristics for which the grownup Obama is noted—his protean identification, his nuanced appreciation of a number of perspectives of an identical item, his cosmopolitan breadth of view, and his self-rooted "outpost" patriotism. Barack Obama in Hawai'i and Indonesia: The Making of a world President is the 1st research to ascertain, in attention-grabbing aspect, how his early years impacted this specific leader.Existing biographies of President Obama are essentially political remedies. right here, cross-cultural psychologist and consultant Dinesh Sharma explores the connections among Obama's early upbringing and his grownup perspectives of civil society, secular Islam, and globalization. The ebook attracts at the author's on-the-ground examine and huge first-hand interviews in Jakarta; Honolulu; big apple; Washington, DC; and Chicago to judge the multicultural inputs to Obama's personality and the ways that they ready him to fulfill the demanding situations of worldwide management within the twenty first century.

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During the Cold War, conflict mostly occurred between the capitalist West and the communist Eastern Bloc, but it is now most likely to occur between the world’s major civilizations. The theory gained wide popularity as China began to rise as an economic powerhouse and especially after the 9/11 attacks in which a jihad was declared on American, civilization (Huntington 1998). S. politics, some of the recent changes have been monumental. Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th president of the United States, represents a significant cultural shift in domestic politics and America’s international relations.

His main point, which now seems intuitively clear, was that for the latest wave of globalization to fully take hold we need strong legal and regulatory structures. This assertion echoes the prescription many financial experts have made in light of the boom-and-bust cycles of the 1990s and the recent banking and the liquidity crises. Sachs raised a question that we all need to think about: Can America foster a strong rule of law while it disseminates Western democratic values and free-market capitalism?

Metaphorically, the ashes and the bellowing smoke of 9/11 touched all corners of the earth. Some have called this a great human tragedy, a towering inferno for our times; others see these events as the seeds of a new beginning, a call for a renewal of the American agenda for the next century. Yet others view 9/11 as emblematic of the passing of the old American glory, the fading away of an empire, and the start of the post-American world. Even as I was putting the last touches on this book, the recent uproar about the plan to build an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero opened up old wounds among the families of victims and the general population.

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