Before the Storm (Star Wars: The Black Fleet Crisis, Book 1) - download pdf or read online

By Michael P. Kube-McDowell

ISBN-10: 0553572733

ISBN-13: 9780553572735

Within the blockbuster bestselling culture of Heir to the Empire comes this exciting addition to the Star Wars saga, as peace supplies method to a brand new threat...

It is a time of tranquillity for the hot Republic.  The remnants of the Empire now lie in entire disarray, and the reemergence of the Jedi Knights has introduced energy and status to the fledgling govt on Coruscant.  Yesterday's Rebels became today's directors and diplomats, and the factions that fought opposed to imperial tyranny look united in savoring the end result of peace.

But the peace is short-lived.  A stressed Luke needs to trip to his mother's homeworld in a determined and hazardous quest to discover her people.  An adventurous Lando needs to grab a mysterious spacecraft that has guns of large damaging energy and an unknown mission.  And Leia, a residing image of the hot Republic's triumph, needs to face down a ruthless chief of the Duskhan League, an conceited Yevetha who turns out bent on a genocidal struggle that can shatter the delicate solidarity of the hot Republic...and threaten its very survival.

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Wildfire chipped and pattered off their armour. Loken felt the distant sting of it. Brother Calends stumbled and fell, but righted himself again, almost at once. Loken saw the enemy scatter away from their charge. He swung his bolter up. His weapon had a gash in the metal of the foregrip, the legacy of a greenskin’s axe during Ullanor, a cosmetic mark Loken had told the armourers not to finish out. He began to fire, not on burst, but on single shot, feeling the weapon buck and kick against his palms.

You would not listen to us or believe us. You murdered our ambassadors. You brought this upon yourself. We are charged with the reunification of mankind, throughout the stars, in the name of the Emperor. We seek to establish compliance amongst all the fragmentary and disparate strands. Most greet us like the lost brothers we are. ’ ‘Sir, the truth itself is amoral. It saddens me that we believe the same words, the very same ones, but value them so differently. ’ The elderly man sagged, deflated.

Vipus asked. His pearl-white plate was smudged with soot and streaked with blood. ‘Phlegmatic, Nero. ’ ‘Choleric. Red-raged, in fact. I’ve just lost a man, and two more of mine are injured. There’s something covering the junction ahead. Something heavy. ’ ‘Two or three grenades. No effect. And there’s nothing to see. Garvi, we’ve all heard about these so-called Invisibles. The ones that butchered Sejanus. I was wondering—’ ‘Leave the wondering to me,’ Loken said. ’ Vipus shrugged. He was a little taller than Loken, and his shrug made the heavy ribbing and plates of his armour clunk together.

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