Richard G. B. Brown (auth.), Joanna Burger, Bori L. Olla,'s Behavior of Marine Animals: Current Perspectives in PDF

By Richard G. B. Brown (auth.), Joanna Burger, Bori L. Olla, Howard E. Winn (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9781468429886

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ISBN-13: 9781468429909

The maJonty of the chapters during this quantity are based to incorporate a stability among literature overview, unique info, and synthesis. The learn methods taken by way of the authors are generallyof types. One facilities at the long term, in-depth examine of a unmarried species during which many points of its average historical past are tested intimately. the opposite is a comparative one that comprises investigating specific questions by way of analyzing species or through evaluating teams of species which can comprise taxonomic andjor ecological affinities. many of the chapters predicament noticeable elements of breeding habit together with habitat choice, the consequences of age on breeding, verbal exchange, mating platforms, synchrony of breeding actions, improvement of habit, prefledging parental care, and postfledging parental care. of those subject matters, many relate on to the benefits and drawbacks of coloniality-a conspicuous habit trend in marine birds. As such, they supply para.picuou for the additional research of coloniality and the social behaviorof many different animals. different very important parts of marine chicken breeding habit (such as courtship habit, antipredator habit, details move) haven't been integrated as a result of area boundaries. on account that man's encroachment at the beach and continental shelf poses yes threats to marine birds, a quantity elucidating a number of facets in their biology has a number of makes use of. As weil as being of price to ornithologists, the amount will be invaluable to managers concerned with coastal planning.

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1954, Sea-Birds, Collins, London. Foster, R. , Baxter, R. , and Ball, P. A. , 1951, A visit to Grimsey (Iceland), July-August 1949, Ibis 93:53-59. Frost, P. G. , Siegfried, W. », Biol. Conserv. 9:79-99. Furness, R. , 1978, Energy requirements of seabird communities: A bioenergetics model, J. Anim. Ecol. 47:39-53. , 1972, Observaciones sobre aves marinas en las pesquerias dei atlantico sudafricano, Ardeola 16:159-192. Gould, P. , 1967, Nocturna1 feeding of Sternaluscata and Pulfinus pacificus, Condor 69:529.

C. Beamish, personal communication). Up to a point, seabirds can themselves herd prey in this way; similar underwater behavior has been reported for the Magellan Penguin (Boswall and McIver, 1975) and Brandt's Cormorant Phalacroeorax penieillatus (Palmer, 1962), and herding fish at the surface has been reported for flocks of Guanay Cormorants, Double-crested and Little Black Cormorants Phalaeroeorax au ritus and P. , 1971). Such behavior would be difficult for birds that feed at the surface or plunge in from the air, although the apparently coordinated plunging of Blue-footed Boobies Sula nebouxii (Nelson, 1968) might have a herding effect.

Most seabirds feed in the surface layers, and it is technically fairly simple to collect the sm aller plankton that occur at the surface (termed "neuston"). A statistically significant association between certain neuston species collected and the seabirds seen at the time of collection would imply some kind of link between birds and plankton through the food web, even if at one or two removes. This section has discussed possible links between seabird distributions and marine habitats, with the implication that the latter differ not just in temperature and salinity, but in the types of potential prey they contain as weIl.

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