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Furthermore he states that both agreed that this was "the true name of the boy". Secondly, it seems most unlikely that the king of a Greek colony would have taken as a sobriquet the native word for "king", and that this sobriquet, battos, 1 2 3 4 5 Supra, page 43. , IV 85ff. Schol. Pind. , IV 10a. 29. Wells, op. Wormell, op. Chamoux, op. , 96-97. cit^A; 58 PART ONE would have replaced his original Greek name, Aristoteles. The second possibility would imply that the royal family of Kyrene or its flatterers preferred to omit a name that indicated a defect.

Supra, page 39. Supra, page 46. Supra, page 46. 47 I, THE COLONIZING OF KYRENE Grinnos. It was Grinnos who had consulted the god and received his oracle. DT is thus presenting Battos as more important than he could have been at the time of the embassy. In similar fashion, a phrase of HTK declares that "matters went badly with Battos and the other Theraians" since the divine order was not followed. To this, we shall return later. (3) Whereas DT mentions only one oracle given to "Battos and the Theraians", HT records two.

I, THE COLONIZING OF KYRENE 53 Β Primary Source (NT) Secondary Source (Herodotos) After the Decision "And they put a curse on those who should transgress these condi­ tions and not abide by them, whether those living in Libya or those staying in Thera. They moulded wax images and burnt them while they uttered the fol­ lowing imprecation all of them, having come together, men and women, boys and girls. 'May he who does not abide by this oath but transgresses it melt away and dissolve like the images, himself and his seed and his property.

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