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By Mark R. Pitkin

ISBN-10: 3642171761

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The reader will locate during this ebook a brand new method of bettering health and wellbeing. the writer has known as this process “sanomechanics,” combining the Latin sanus (healthy, sound) and mechanicus (science of the movement of our bodies subjected to forces). the point of interest of sanomechanics is on workout with an realizing of the biomechanical effects of the activities. This realizing relies at the author’s concept of the floating skeleton, which postulates a hydraulic connection of synovial joints. the speculation explains the higher or lesser good fortune of any workout using the power of the human skeleton to soak up and rework forces and moments from the physique segments and the surroundings. This skill vanishes with age and health problems, and the deeper our knowing of the character of skeletal functioning is, the higher we will be ready to increase, shield, and lengthen the skeleton’s health.

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We immediately see a dramatic reduction of the number of possible configurations of the arm. Moreover, even if the piece is played by different musicians, their respective patterns of arm movements are remarkably similar to each other’s, with minor individual differences. The phenomenon of such a stable pattern of pre-trained movements can be explained by the concept of joint synergies as well. The development of synergies allows the motion of many segments to be organized and controlled by a single parameter.

Activation of muscles attached to the bones periodically pulls the periosteum away from the bone surfaces and in 32 2 Sanomechanics this way improves the hydraulic connectivity of the joints. Therefore, the chemical mechanism of encouragement of the muscle workout and development indirectly rewards the restoration of the skeleton’s hydraulic net. That chemical mechanism may mask a direct signal of pleasure from the articulation in a particular joint. We therefore need to learn how to listen to that voice with our full attention, and respectfully follow its humble requests, giving them higher priority.

4 Technique of Exercising The technique of exercising is at the core of sanomechanics. It includes informational and instructional parts for the mind and for the body. We will observe the technique now, since we have already become familiar with conceptual autosuggestion, and with criterion of correctness of performance. The sanomechanical autosuggestion: “My skeleton in totally immersed in the synovial fluid” will work to maximize the effectiveness of your exercises because you can now visualize the concept and activate a mechanism of anticipation for optimal selection of synergies.

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