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By Vimalamitra

ISBN-10: 1614293457

ISBN-13: 9781614293453

Trans. through Malcolm Smith, foreword by way of Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

Buddhahood during this Life is an entire translation of the earliest Tibetan remark at the Dzogchen mystery instructions.

Available for the 1st time in English, Buddhahood during this Life presents the nice statement of Vimalamitra—one of the earliest and so much influential texts within the Dzogchen culture of Tibetan Buddhism. It explores the idea and perform of the nice Perfection culture intimately, exhibits how Dzogchen meditation pertains to the whole lot of the Buddhist direction, and descriptions how we will be able to comprehend buddhahood—and even in attaining it in our lifetime.

This crucial textual content comprises issues such as

·      how myth arises 
·      the pathway of pristine consciousness 
·      how buddhahood is found in the body
·      and more.

Translator Malcolm Smith contains an outline, analysis and explanation for all issues. Buddhahood during this Life covers bits and bobs of Dzogchen meditation, together with profound “secret directions” rarely discussed in so much meditation manuals. this article is essential for any severe pupil of the nice Perfection.

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Likewise, the incorruptible is the result. 14 The Compendium Introducing Highest Yoga Tantra15 by Śraddhākaravarman comments on this passage stating: Now then, the tantras of mahāyoga are of two kinds: natural tantras and designated tantras. 16 The Stages of the Mahāyāna Path17 by Subhagavajra states: “Tantras” are tantras because of connection, and further, because they connect the basis, the method, and the result. When divided, there are two kinds: tantras of words and tantras of meaning. Words are sounds.

Vimalamitra was the promulgator of a number of different cycles of Dzokchen teachings, of which the most important is the intimate instruction series (man ngag sde). Padmasambhava, by all accounts, did not promulgate Dzokchen widely during his sojourn in Tibet but instead hid many cycles of the intimate instruction class for later discovery by those destined ones known as treasure revealers (gter ston). Following the assassination of the last king of the Yarlung dyanasty, Lang Darma, Tibet entered a “dark” period between 840 and 1000 CE for which there is very little historical material to provide a clear account of what occurred during that time.

The first section concerns the hermeneutics of the nidāna, the opening scene providing the setting of a given sūtra or tantra. The second section outlines the eleven topics themselves. ”13 On the other hand, many tantras of the Great Perfection contain two nidānas, which can be somewhat confusing when initially encountered. The purpose of this section is to clarify the purpose and function of the two kinds of nidāna. First is the uncommon nidāna, a unique feature of Great Perfection tantras in general, in which the one who explains the tantra and the one who compiles the tantra are identical.

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