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Glueck's classic account of the Jordan river valley and its flanks published in 1946 by Westminster Press. Curiously, virtually no mention is made of the earlier edition, although the text is substantially the same at most points. The new edition has many fewer pictures (68 of them) but they are of vastly improved quality. The map is clearer and useful chronological charts are added. While the text's content remains about the same, Dr. Glueck has somewhat dampened the more sentimental portions of his earlier book and restrained some of his abundant enthusiasm for his material.

How Was the System Designed and How Did It Function? The final problem posed by the water system at Gezer is the strategy of the engineers who built it. Did they dig the shaft at this point because they could observe a spring which they then simply deepened and enlarged? Certainly no evidence of former springs is to be seen today on the surface of the bedrock. It is true that the water tunnels at Megiddo and Gibeon were deliberately dug beneath the city walls to reach a known source of water outside the walls at nearby springs, while the Jerusalem tunnel was a masterful piece of engineering that undertook specifically to conduct spring water inside the city walls.

156. 95. Based on Yadin's Masada (cf. ) which appeared in 1966, this volume by a New York free-lance writer retells the tale of the dig for young people, often using Yadin's own words. There are a few new pictures, including some from the traveling Masada exhibition. It will take a ten-year old to manage the text, but all the swashbuckle is there! 80 THE BIBLICALARCHAEOLOGIST Vol. XXXII D. ) Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1967. Pp. 493 + xxxii. We are inexcusably late in pointing out this superb volume containing brief but thorough survey articles on excavations at fifteen Palestinian sites and ten sites in surrounding countries, together with treatments of the Negeb, Philistia and Transjordan.

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[Magazine] The Biblical Archaeologist. Vol. 32. No 3

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