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By Louis L'Amour

ISBN-10: 0553899627

ISBN-13: 9780553899627

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Fourth within the Kurt Wallander sequence. within the award-winning Sidetracked, Kurt Wallander is named to a close-by rapeseed box the place a teenage lady has been loitering all day lengthy. He arrives simply in time to monitor her douse herself in fuel and set herself aflame. tomorrow he's referred to as to a seashore the place Sweden’s former Minister of Justice has been axed to dying and scalped.

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They wouldn’t know but what it was Em Talon. Come evening time when the shadows are long and it begins to get hard to see, I taken my Winchester and went out through the kitchen. Pennywell stopped me. ” Em turned from the stove. ” “Keep it warmed up. ” I hesitated in the back door. “Those boys out there can spread it around. ” Outside I moved into the shadows. Nobody ever said no Clinch Mountain Sackett was anything but mean, and me and my brother Nolan, we shaped up to be the meanest. I never asked no favors and never gave none that I can recall, not when it came to fighting.

By rights we should have had a gun barrel stuck in our faces, but there hadn’t been a sound. Was the old lady dead? Gently I opened the door. Beyond was a big room, cavernous and dark. Lightning flashed and showed through the shuttered windows and the glass transom window over the door. And in that momentary flash I found myself looking across the room into the black muzzle of a big pistol. Behind it stood the old lady. The flash, then darkness. “All right,” her voice was steady, “I may be old but I have ears like a cat.

About seven miles. It’s a big, old house. ” Flanner’s eyes were bland. ” He paused. ” “All right, Logan, I’ll see you in the morning. Boys,” he struggled to his feet, getting the crutches under his shoulders, “lay off Mister Logan. ” He swung away, moving easily on those crutches. He was a big man but he handled himself easily. Crippled or not, if’n I ever saw a dangerous man, this one was. Dangerous but smooth, mighty, mighty smooth! “Don’t you do it,” the girl whispered. ” “Thought you was scared of her.

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