SAP merger - two businessmen shaking hands while in a meeting with a female coworker.

What do you do in SAP when a merger looms

When John learned about the upcoming merger between his company and a competitor in the UK, he knew that things were about to get really busy. As the project manager in charge of implementing SAP for the new company, his team struggled to keep up with all of the deliverables due to some employee turnover. So when he discovered that his team would have to deal with two different SAP systems at once, he knew he was in trouble.

To make matters worse, John’s boss kept piling on more and more work for him. With the deadline for the merger looming, John was starting to feel like he was drowning in project deliverables. He had no time to breathe, let alone work on anything else.

Fortunately, John heard about Thinking Mind’s SAP consulting help. He reached out to us and explained his situation. We were happy to offer him a consultant who could help him plan to manage his upcoming SAP project and ensure that it stayed on track through the merger.

With our help, John could breathe a little easier and focus on completing the project on time. Way to go John!

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