Steps for Rolling Out PeopleSoft Higher Education Suite of Applications Across Campuses

PeopleSoft Campus Implementation projects are complex, but they tend to follow a similar flow. We are here to help from start to finish -- whether it’s recommending expert resources, advising on functionality and technical feasibility or simply explaining things in a way that’s easy to understand.

Here’s what to expect, and how we fit into the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Rollout.


PeopleSoft Project Scoping

We start with a meeting or conference call to discuss the project scope. Is it a total business process redesign or an upgrade? A new module to extend existing implementation? A new mobile extension for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions? A transformation from in-house to Oracle or 3rd party cloud? We hammer out the details so we can draw up a Statement of Work, which outlines the full project scope including pricing, timeline, and deliverables.

Application Strategy

Understanding your campus application objectives, ERP position and key messages to staff, faculty and student who are the target audience within the changing landscape will help your PeopleSoft changes rollout project go smoothly. We’ll spend time with you to fully understand your goals and objectives, discuss any research you have done, and review things you like and don’t like about PeopleSoft applications to lay the foundation for a strong collaboration. We can also recommend resources to help bring your school into focus before you kick off the new roll out.

Application Design & Prototyping

For new applications, the design phase will establish the look and feel of the new application both for the web and the mobile. This can include prototyping, creating the user experience (UX), and determining application user workflow. Your UI designer builds a prototype or wireframe which may be revised as new ideas surface. Your UI design firm is your primary partner during this iterative phase, but we work closely with the designer to provide feedback on the feasibility and cost of planned features.

Custom Application and Workflow Development

This is where Thinking Minds shines. We’ll assign a technical PM to communicate with you throughout the process and coordinate the development team using Agile software development sprints. We’ll put a development and staging server (environment) in place so you can watch the application take shape.
The technical PM will break the work down into tasks, and set up several sprints (2-week development cycles). The engineering team then sets to work coding the project to plan. At the end of each sprint, there will be completed work to review and move along to QA.
As the application workflow components are installed and configured, we typically begin the cosmetic changes and content management work, getting all menus into place and adding content to pages.

Custom Application Launch

After final reviews and client sign-off, we’ll pick a day for the go-live event. This can involve various checklists that we go through before the launch. It could be migrating existing userbase to new application, cloud or mobile hosting changes, security cert application, pushing code from the staging server to the live environment, or simply taking the application out of maintenance mode. Launches are quick and easy and are usually very quiet (unless you decide to celebrate!).
We will set up Google Analytics so you can monitor real-time traffic and your app’s performance.

Post Application Launch Support

Our relationships with clients are long-standing. After a app goes live, we provide many ways to access help, including email, an online ticket system, phone, and IM. We are always available for questions, and we provide hourly support for clients.
For clients, this is when online marketing should kick into full gear. You have built it, so now get them to come— there are dozens of marketing strategies and thousands of opportunities to help promote your application and drive traffic, conversion, and leads or sales. While we don’t offer online marketing services, we do keep up to date on what people are trying and what's working, and we have successfully run many marketing campaigns based on SEO and SEM strategies. We can offer advice and help you find the most relevant resources for your business, whether in self-guided education or expert agencies.

We'd love to be your application development team and help you reach your application goals.

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